Welcome to our store.

We are based in the UK, (but post worldwide) we hope you find everything you need, we also do custom gear,  just contact us to discuss your requirements. 

"Keep it Simple & Sew it Well"

Is our motto, we know our site isn't all singing and all dancing and there's a reason why we've kept it simple. It's because simple is better, I hate navigating through sites and this pops up and that pops up when you just want to see the thing you've entered the site to see, then you order something and you get those emails and marketing pop ups.... well I say NO. We don't do that. We don't collect your data, we don't bug you with items you've left in your cart. We may be loosing sales this way, but I want to concentrate on making the items you order rather than spending hours on the site. So here it is, it's simple, safe, honest and secure.

All our items are handmade, we source the best materials and make everything to order, paying attention to detail and quality check our work throughout. When we are 100% satisfied then we will post your item to you using a Recorded Delivery Service.

We make our products because we want to and not because we have to, there's a big difference. You are buying our time, our skill and craftsmanship and every item we make is unique. We don't mass produce or rush our items, they are hand drawn, cut out, sewn and assembled and given the care and attention they deserve. This is our new label which was introduced in 2020 and will be sewn into every item we make, with pride. 

As we choose Quality over Quantity and make everything to order, your order may take longer than you’d expect, this means we try and complete and post orders in less than 10 business days, but based on where you are in line, the size of your order and other such factors like how many orders there are before yours, it may take 3-4 weeks to fulfil your order
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