• Image of Folding Wooden BuckSaw & Axe Canvas Bag
  • Image of Folding Wooden BuckSaw & Axe Canvas Bag
  • Image of Folding Wooden BuckSaw & Axe Canvas Bag
  • Image of Folding Wooden BuckSaw & Axe Canvas Bag

** PLEASE ENSURE YOUR SAW WILL FIT BEFORE PURCHASING, CHECK MEASUREMENTS OF BAG IN DESCRIPTION, if it's too big then message us first. There IS NO STANDARD handmade folding Bucksaw ** thanks B.

There's nothing more Bushcrafty than an excellent folding saw made from wood which disassembles to pack down in your rucksack.

Need a well made, heavy duty bag for it, then look no further.........

.......... No really.., you've found it. After hours and hours of drawings and mock ups, discarded ideas and fabric all over the place...., We have something special for you. Our MOTTO "Keep it Simple & Sew it Well" is exactly what we have applied to this bag. It's functional, practical, sensible, original, and affordable.

Some days I want to take my small axe in the woods and other days my larger axe in the woods with my Folding Wooden Bucksaw, but what to do about carrying them. Using a reinforced corset lace up method, I can add both short or long handled axe that when inserted and tightened sits snug, very snug. The axe head faces towards the bag opening and as the top folds over, the lace goes through the metal loop and back on itself. Using this to wrap around the top foldover and tying off SECURELY holds the axe on the bag with the saw inside.

You wear it heavy end down but after literally shaking this to death, nothing moved, nothing fell out.., this was PERFECT.

NO AXE ?? No worries... Just lace up that sexy corset and use the loop to close as usual. OR use the Bow, spindle and hearth of a friction set in there and tighten up. Don't worry it's not going anywhere 😉

We've put a sensible, strong & detachable webbing carry strap on the back using metal hardware and even a metal hanging loop at the top.

Made using High quality traditional Oilskin and Waterproof Canvas, double stitched with high strength rot proof thread and finished to our usual High Quality that you would expect, this really is the bag that you want to entrust you precious Axe & Folding Wooden Bucksaw to. You've paid a lot for a top notch axe and saw, so it's worth buying the best and most practically usable bag to keep them safe in.

Weighing in at approx 220g, Quality and solid. To fit Phil Wood's delicious Wooden Folding Bucksaw which is approx 620mm x 50mm x 40mm folded. If you need a different size drop us a message on your order.

And if that's too posh for you, we offer a simpler, Basic Bag just check it out in our shop.

If you want one with an additional front spare blade pocket, just choose your bag below with the "Extra Pocket" option below.

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Saw & Axe in picture not included. Saw provided by Phil's Woodturning Ltd. Please ensure you use the bag as it was intended and have the axe head under the canvas foldover and then use the cord to wrap around it and secure, please refer to pictures for help or ask us, we don't take responsibility for injuries caused from improper use of this bag, thanks.

** We can add Molle Attachments to this item, please see HERE for more information and how to order.

Use our ReProofing Wax Bars to reproof this item

This item is shipped via Royal Mail Special Delivery.