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The last picture shows a beautiful Autumn coloured oilskin Pouch in Chestnut, we’re making a limited number of ten only, of our beautiful leather and oilskin foraging Pouches in this coloured oilskin, choose from dropdown below before they’re gone.

YouTube video HERE


Made with 100% Traditional Oilskin and Premium grade leather detailed with waxed cord around the edge, our foraging pouches are the ideal companion for those hedgerow walks.

Attached onto your belt, simply undo the brass Sam brown stud to reveal a good sized oilskin pouch, but not too big to hang uncomfortably off your belt, to collect your nuts and berries in.

Size of pouch approx (h) 25cm x (w) 15cm x (d) 6cm

Size packed up approx (h) 9cm x (w) 6cm x (d) 5.5cm

Weight approx - 205g


Oilskin is waterproof and very tough yet light and versatile. Easy to wash after collecting berries, just turn inside out, rinse off then hang to dry before wrapping back up.

We've also added a drawstring closure with plastic Spring toggle to help stop any overflowing bags from spilling their goodies.

Now comes with oilskin pouch to keep it in when not in use.