• Image of Ultimate Hybrid Bedroll
  • Image of Ultimate Hybrid Bedroll
  • Image of Ultimate Hybrid Bedroll
  • Image of Ultimate Hybrid Bedroll
  • Image of Ultimate Hybrid Bedroll

We bring you our Ultimate Hybrid All-Terrain Bedroll...

Consisting of a thick, 100% cotton Canvas base with a drill cotton 12oz Oilskin top impregnated with an Antique Wax treatment giving it a wet look. Lined with a 75% Woollen fabric for that ultimate warmth and comfort.

(Internal Woollen fabric is green and not grey as shown in picture)

The canvas base is made from 100% cotton to form a traditional cotton duck canvas which has then been treated to make it water repellent and ready for tough outdoor jobs, giving it a dry army canvas look.

A strong, flat felled seam used on tents, joins both the Canvas & Oilskin, then it’s Triple stitched edges using a thick black, UV Stable Upholstery thread, bring it to life.

We’ve increased the amount of Equestrian grade Brass Poppers down the side and across the bottom to encapsulate you once inside. Reinforced Brass Eyelet corners allow you to stake it out if required to use open as a large comfy “groundsheet”.

We’ve also added a detachable internal canvas pocket where you can safely stash your wallet or phone while you sleep, fastened with Velcro to stop things coming out.

Weight approx 4.8kg
Size approx 6’ 4” x 6’ (200cm x 180cm) when opened and 6’ 4” x 3’ (200cm x 90cm) when folded over and secured along the bottom and side like s sleeping back, so you can climb inside it :-)

The canvas and oilskin smell delicious and the warmth of the woollen lining is delightful.

A strong webbing carry system with military grade metal G Hooks allows you to carry our Ultimate Hybrid Bedroll with ease. Included is a complimentary double wool & canvas pillow to stuff your clothes in., to give your head that ultimate comfort when snuggled down inside your Bedroll.

You have the option of choosing brown or green in the dropdown options below.