Got any Questions ? ask away and if they pop up more than once then we'll answer them on here...

  • Do You Have Any More Product Photos Available ? - In a nutshell, No we don't. We're so busy making all the goodies for you, we barely have time to take our stuff out and photograph them. We welcome our customers to send us photos and to post them on their socials and let us know so we can share them with you. All photos we have of the items we make are either already on the individual product pages or on our Social sites, see link at bottom of page for them.
  • Do you Sell Fabric ? - No we don't, we're an online store selling the products we make, there' no point just selling the fabric we use to make our products.
  • What’s the difference between a fully lined poncho and a hybrid poncho ? - Well basically the normal lined oilskin poncho has a 55% wool to 45% mixed fibre inner with an outside oilskin chest pocket whereas the hybrid lined poncho you get a warmer 75% wool / 25% mixed fibre inner that has an internal hand warming pocket as well as the outside oilskin chest pocket. It takes longer to make, is ever so slightly bulkier because of the thicker inner too. 

Also, with the hybrid Poncho, the side poppers are configured so it can be done up lengthways as well so you’re able to climb inside it like a sleeping bag. 

  • Why is the Internation P&P so high ? - We check the weight and size of the items we make when packed against shipping companies postage  and charge what they chage, we don't make anything on postage and we don't raise our item prices to "include FREE shipping" like other shops do. 
If you add many items to your order and your P&P is high, please contact us and we will search for a cheaper courier based on the size of your order.