Every item we sell is handmade to order, no 2 items will ever be 100% exactly the same as fabrics are hand cut and made and there may be slight differences in our items but this will not affect functionality or performance.
We make every item with the best materials and fabrics we can find, each item is quality checked throughout their production and you should not have any problems with them. However, if you do please contact us on receipt of your parcel via our contact page and we will try and sort out any issues with you.
We may consider repairing an item after use, at your cost depending on the item but you are responsible for postage to us and back to you. 
We take no responsibility for the improper use of any of our items, including but not limited to our Canvas Bushcraft Seat. Pointy sticks will tear the seat and there will be no refunds or repair offers if the user has done so. We will not refund or repair any product that has been improperly used other than its intended use via our product description.
Disclaimer: It is the users responsibility to fit the Airsoft replacement  lenses correctly and use them at your own risk. Please use the "tester" lens to check they are suitable for your sport. We take no responsibility in damage or injury caused by improper use. In purchasing our lenses you agree you are solely responsible for their use. Our replacement lenses have not been tested for the use of actual gas, only for airsoft use by independent people testing their impact by using different guns. Please read our info and watch the GreatAdvarks videos below for more details. 

Airsoft Lens Test