We've  now teamed up with SumUp as an alternative to PayPal to pay securely with your Credit / Debit cards displaying the VISA logo, ApplePay, American Express, Diners, Discover, or even MasterCard

If you wish to pay via SumUp
then please follow these instructions:


  1. Fill up your Shopping cart with lots of goodies
  2. when you're ready to pay, click Checkout
  3. Enter your Contact Information inc phone number, click Next
  4. Enter your Full Address details, click Next
  5. Then, take a SCREENSHOT of your Order Summary including CALCULATED postage and send it to us at this email address:


We will then send you a SECURE Payment link from SumUp for the amount in you cart for you to enter you Card details into, which will then be processed through their secure servers.

( Believe us it is a lot easier doing it this way than re-writing the whole shop )