• Image of Canvas Bushcraft Seat
  • Image of Canvas Bushcraft Seat
  • Image of Canvas Bushcraft Seat
  • Image of Canvas Bushcraft Seat
  • Image of Canvas Bushcraft Seat

As seen on Mike’s TAOutdoors channel HERE and HERE

In the woods...? Need a seat...? We've got you covered.

Double layered, Heavyweight and Waterproof Canvas, cut and double stitched into a sturdy stool seat. Now with added rivets to make it even more hardwearing. All you need to do is cut 3 sturdy sticks the same size and lash the centre together with paracord (40" supplied), then insert the 3 ends into the undersides pockets of the seat, spread out the stick base and sit down.

When you're packing, untie the paracord, return the sticks back to the wild, put the cord in one of the triangles and fold up the seat. This will keep the seat tidy and ready to throw in your pack.

Folded up size approx 19cm Triangle
Approx 34cm Triangle when setup

Standard - 182g
XL - 304g

If you'd prefer a slightly larger seat ;-) then please choose an XL Canvas Seat from below which is approx 5cm wider all around. From Aug2021 we've added 3 pieces of strong webbing to our xl seats secured with 4 rivets to make them extra secure. Plus an additional 6 edge rivets too.

Watch Mike from TAOutdoors use our seat and also the Woodsman

Now available in Brown Canvas too, choose from the dropdown menu below.

Now available to keep your bum warm, try our Canvas Seat Covers

Use our ReProofing Wax Bars to reproof this item

Please don't use pointy ended sticks as these will undoubtedly causes immature damage to the canvas/stitching, the fatter and flatter the ends the better.