• Image of Fully lined Wool & Oilskin Poncho
  • Image of Fully lined Wool & Oilskin Poncho
  • Image of Fully lined Wool & Oilskin Poncho
  • Image of Fully lined Wool & Oilskin Poncho
  • Image of Fully lined Wool & Oilskin Poncho

FREE Canvas Bushcraft Seat & Woollen Cover with every lined poncho ordered (does not include hybrid poncho)


We are Proud to be the first to offer a FULLY lined Wool & Oilskin Poncho.

(*** Our Unlined Oilskin Ponchos are HERE & our Woollen Ponchos are HERE and our AMAZING NEW Hybrid Ponchos are HERE ***)

Made with the greatest care and attention to detail, using the highest quality materials we can find, our Poncho features a full lining of a wool fabric 55% wool / 45% blended fibres) from body to enclosed hood under a Traditionally made Oilskin material. Fully waterproof and warm, our Poncho gives you the freedom of movement yet the security of warmth and protection from the elements.

Features include an adjustable waist tie, fully enclosed hood (mkIII) large canvas lined chest pocket secured with metal press studded flap, equestrian grade metal side poppers for closure and reinforced corner metal eyelets.

The poncho is triple stitched using strong rot resistant poly thread and weighs approx 3,47kg. Size laid out approx 60" (wide) x 80" (long). When on, think of the 80” length folded in half, the crease sitting on your shoulders with your head popping out of the middle in the hood. You’ll have approx 40” down in front and 40” down behind you.


Q. What’s the difference between a fully lined poncho and a hybrid poncho?

A. Well basically the normal lined oilskin poncho has a 55% wool to 45% mixed fibre inner with an outside oilskin chest pocket whereas the hybrid lined poncho you get a warmer 75% wool / 25% mixed fibre inner that has an internal hand warming pocket as well as the outside oilskin chest pocket. It takes longer to make, is ever so slightly bulkier because of the thicker inner too. 

With the hybrid the side poppers are configured so it can be done up lengthways as well so you’re able to climb Inside it like a sleeping bag. 

They’re both made to the same high standard and both are lovely :-)


We are able to extend the size of the poncho which requires extra fabrics being added, if you'd like this please choose the EXTENDED version on the dropdown selection box and write in the order notes section how long you'd like it extended. Thanks.

This really is a high quality item and nothing has been spared in making this beautiful garment, we are sure you're going to love it as much as we've loved making it for you.

We've even modified the hood to make it more comfortable as shown in the photos. Comes with Oilskin Drawcord Stuffsack OR Webbing Carry Strap System which we use for the bedrolls, choose preference below.

We use Barbour's Wax Thornproof Dressing to Re-Wax our Ponchos.


( This item will be sent via Parcelforce’s Express Service to UK addresses. )


Check out a customers video on YouTube

Recent Feedback -

From: Ben

The Poncho. It's a full weight winter survival device. If the German army had these in Russia in WW2 then they may well have won! It is entirely functional as a wet weather, warm and absolute wind stopping piece of gear, also the hood is well designed.

I struggle with hoods even on £300 ME jackets. I'm 6ft, I can lay it open, get in and fold it over me, which makes it able to be a warm, water resistant bivi bag thingy, the sort of thing that saves lives on the side of mountains. And i've already used it set up as a basic leanto, not loads of room but definitely enough for a man to overnight.

The weight penalty for such a thing is huge compared to modern kit, BUT, no modern kit can do all these things together. Nor are modern materials, including military issued gear, able to survive long. UV and hard use kills Gortex and such. I'd wager the poncho will last a mans lifetime and can be re-proofed. I've not had Oilskin before but I know that waxed canvas gets better with age, seemingly impervious to UV and the fibres seem to get tighter as it gets wet and dry. You can quote me on that, I'm very Happy!

Many Thanks


From: Stewart

Bought one of these just recently, took it out for its debut last weekend and wanted to give you some feedback.

The weather was very cold and damp on Friday evening, wearing the poncho kept me warm, very warm. Saturday was even wetter and just as cold, had a moderate bit of walking through the woods I was hammocking in, was kept very dry and almost too warm. On Fri I used the poncho as a mat under the hammock, it worked brilliantly.

On Sat night I used the eyelets on the corners of the poncho and strung it up as an under blanket, the weather was due to get really cold with an overnight frost. I can't believe how well it worked, even with the ends being quite open. I had a lovely, warm comfortable nights sleep.

I can't thank you enough for my poncho, I can see it being an essential part of my base camp kit for many years to come. You have made me a very happy man.

Many thanks