• Image of Oilskin All-Terrain Bedroll
  • Image of Oilskin All-Terrain Bedroll
  • Image of Oilskin All-Terrain Bedroll
  • Image of Oilskin All-Terrain Bedroll
  • Image of Oilskin All-Terrain Bedroll

“Sleep under the Stars”

We present to you our new "All Terrain Bedroll" It's constructed from thick, Traditional Oilskin lined for waterproofing from the ground, a warm Wool blend mix fabric for your warmth and comfort. Double stitched throughout with rot proof thread in both Dark Green & Dark Brown Oilskin, Regular size or Extended Width Size.

Oilskin is a drill cotton 12oz weight impregnated with an Antique Wax treatment giving it a wet look.

( Our Canvas All-Terrain Bedroll is HERE )

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Webbing harness closure system and buckle to keep it rolled and compact. This beauties going to be perfect for camping, picnics, Bashas, Bivvis, even under your hammock.

We've now added a Heavy Duty Metal Eyelet onto each corner to make our Bedroll even more functional. With this recent addition, you're able to hang it up underneath your hammock to act as an "underblanket" trapping that all important layer of air to protect you from the cold night.

Shelter Building with Mike from TAOutdoors

Quality stitching and materials throughout guaranteed.

Weight of Standard Bedroll: approx 1.9kg

Weight of Extended Bedroll: approx 4.05kg

Regular Size open: approx 3' x 6' as standard.

Extended size open approx 6’ x 6’ as standard.


Extended Width Bedroll

The Extended Width version is approx 6' wide and has heavy duty metal press studs down one side and across the bottom so it'll act like a sleeping bag when fastened. The wool will be on the inside keeping you warm and the oilskin will protect you from the damp. Just choose the Extended Width option from the drop down below.


See Mike from TAOutdoors use his Extended Oilskin All-Terrain Bedroll as an awesome Shelter on his YouTube Channel Here

We can add an extra length to both the Extended & Regular, for just a small fee extra. Choose “PLUS” from the drop down box below and write in notes the extra length required up to 12” extra.


( This item will be sent via Parcelforce’s Express Service to UK addresses. )


Check out our little YouTube video of the Bedroll HERE


We also do 2 further sizes which are ideal for hammock mats where you stand on them to get dressed or use them as brew up sit mats, these are either half the length (3’x3’) or quarter the length (3’x1.5’) of the main mat and are available from the drop down menu option below. Both half & quarter lengths come in an Oilskin bag.

We made Jaxx the Jack Russell (TA Outdoors) a 1/4 sized one as listed below.

Select from Dark Brown or Dark Green below.