• Image of Hybrid Lined Poncho
  • Image of Hybrid Lined Poncho
  • Image of Hybrid Lined Poncho
  • Image of Hybrid Lined Poncho
  • Image of Hybrid Lined Poncho



We give you our NEW Hybrid Lined Poncho and I’m loving it.

We’re talking…….

• Green 75% wool / 25% blended fabric inner with hand warming pocket and somewhere to keep your phone 😉

• Back waist tie with toggle stoppers

• Reconfigured side metal poppers so you can fasten it widthwise or lengthwise

• Reinforced corner metal eyelets

• Flat seamed hood inner and wool sewn neck seam on our MKIII Hood

• 12oz Traditional Wet Look Oilskin outer

• Oilskin chest pocket with two popper flap closure

• Oilskin drawstring bag to keep it in


The hybrid ponchos are triple stitched using strong rot resistant poly thread throughout. Size laid out approx approx 60" (wide) x 80" (long). When on, think of the 80” length folded in half, the crease sitting on your shoulders with your head popping out of the middle in the hood. You’ll have approx 40” down in front and 40” down behind you.

If you want an extended length please choose that option below and write in the notes section of your order how much extra in cm's or inches you'd like to add, or we'll just add 12" to the length if there's no note.


Check out these lovely piccies of our Hybrid on Instagram Here


Q. What’s the difference between a fully lined poncho and a hybrid poncho?

A. Well basically the normal lined oilskin poncho has a 55% wool to 45% mixed fibre inner with an outside oilskin chest pocket whereas the hybrid lined poncho you get a warmer 75% wool / 25% mixed fibre inner that has an internal hand warming pocket as well as the outside oilskin chest pocket. It takes longer to make, is ever so slightly bulkier because of the thicker inner too. 

With the hybrid the metal side poppers are configured so it can be done up lengthways as well so you’re able to climb Inside it like a sleeping bag. 

They’re both made to the same high standard and both are lovely :-)

Q. Is the black one all black?

A. The oilskin's black, side poppers and eyelets are black also so is the stuff sack. The inner still uses the same 75% green woollen fabric as all our other Hybrid Ponchos do.