• Image of Blue's Water Filter / Millbank Bag
  • Image of Blue's Water Filter / Millbank Bag
  • Image of Blue's Water Filter / Millbank Bag
  • Image of Blue's Water Filter / Millbank Bag
  • Image of Blue's Water Filter / Millbank Bag

Described as "an alternative Millbank bag for water filtration, with a very practical pouch too" and we agree.

Based on the 1945 Millbank Bag (as shown in our last picture), this bag filters turbid water using gravity, effectively removing any organic material and sediment. Basically filtering out larger soiled matter so you can start your water treatment method by means of chemical or boiling in the usual way. Don't just drink the water that comes straight out of this, it will need need further purifying to remove bacteria, cysts and parasites.

Made in Britain from untreated, close weave, heavy weight, rot proof thick cotton fabric, 100% quality guarantee. A High Quality Product, Double stitched with poly thread and has a heavy duty brass eyelet with Paracord (approx 40" included) to hang it up.

A convenient pouch is also included to store your bag in when not in use and instructions of how to use it are also included. Fill line is SEWN on and not drawn on with pen so it doesn't wash off ;-)


For fastest results, keep bag topped up with water. To clean, simply turn inside out and rinse.


Independent Bushcraft Instructor Review:

"Millbank bag received from Blue Angelic earlier today who asked me to give a little feedback. On visual appearance the package contained several items to include the Millbank bag itself made of natural colour canvas, and sewn with black thread, this was contained in a bespoke canvas pouch measuring approx 190mm by 90mm secured with a metal fastener and a set of paper instructions for its use also included. After taking the bag out and having a closer look I also notices some black cordage similar to paracord was also included which was looped into a very practical length measuring approx 900mm thus could in an emergency also be utilised as a possible replacement shoelace or even a functional cordage for bowdrill. The water line was sewn into the bag rather than printed on and also had the advantage of being easily visible both externally and internally. Keen to test it I filled it with cold water (without first soaking) and found it to be completely watertight and easily hold a quantity of 3.5 Litres up to the line. After emptying the water and soaking as per the instructions the bag was used to filter water as intended which initially gave a flowrate of roughly 100ml/Min over several Minutes reducing to roughly 50ml/Min, thus taking 7 minutes to produce a pint of water which although somewhat sluggish in modern terms for other types of filters is certainly comparative to what I remember of the original bags. So what do I think? seems an all round quality product at a glance, performs as expected with no parts to fail and priced competitively"

Bag comes in 2 sizes:

Individual Use:
Size approx 20cm x 45cm
Holds approx 3500ml
Pouch 19cm x 9cm

Group Use:Size approx 81cm X 32cm
Pouch approx 17cm X 26cm