• Image of Woollen Poncho
  • Image of Woollen Poncho
  • Image of Woollen Poncho
  • Image of Woollen Poncho
  • Image of Woollen Poncho

Absolutely loving this Woollen Poncho which we custom made for a client so much that we've decided to add it to our online shop.

Made from a woollen blend fabric which we've run metal poppers down both reinforced long sides and a pullcord through the short ends. The configuration of the poppers we've done, allows the poncho to be fastened widthways as a poncho and also lengthways as something you'll be able to climb in to sleep, pulling the corded ends in to fit around you.


Weight with bag approx 3kg


The front poncho pocket is based on a hoody style with internal pockets, so you can put your hands in from its sides. The neck is reinforced and the hood is a delight in itself.

Please Note: Due to recent customer feedback, We've decided to remove the hood face drawcord channel as in picture one but are keeping the one allowing the hood to be gathered away from the face from the back of the hood as in picture four. So the front of the hood will just be hemmed and won’t have a pull cord.

With detailed stitching, flattened hood seams, and an Oilskin Stuffsack thrown in to keep it nice when not in use, this really oodles with loveliness.

We're going to be doing this in a lovely Olive Green 75% Woollen Blend Fabric which has a size of 225cm x 150cm


( Please note that because the Ponchos take two blankets sometimes they won’t be EXACTLY the same shade of colour, although we try and match them the best we can, no two colours of blankets are ever exactly the same. )


If you’d like it XL then we can add more fabric to this either widthways or lengthways but as it's a single skin woollen ponch, you will see the stitch lines joing the fabric together.

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